Dagwood Beach Rugby a success.

9 teams participated in the 2018 beach rugby event at North Wollongong beach on Saturday the 10th February. 6 men’s teams and three women’s teams, an increase in teams from the first event conducted in 2017. They battled it out in the heat and in fierce rugby matches. They were fast, aggressive and exciting to watch.

Plusfit Warriors were victorious for a second year in a row winning the Dagwood cup and showed their class above the others. They were closely followed by BLC Barbarians. 

In the Women’s comp, Mix Nations held out Wollongong Uni to win the Integrity Professionals Cup. 



1. Plusfit Warriors

2. BLC Barbarians

3. APRU Bluetongues

4. Wollongong Vikings

5. Dicey’s Destroyers

6. Vikings Longhorns


1. Mix Nations

2. Wollongong University

3. Appin Blues

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