Rugby Clinics/ Camps:

Team Coaching:

The Jackal Rugby Academy offers four hour, one day and two day holiday clinics/ camps. Our clinics and camps are held in NSW school holidays. For all clinics and camps please refer to our news page. 

Rugby Clinics:

A four hour or full day tuition of planned rugby sessions for two destinct age groups, 


7 to 11 year olds: Catering for the development of core rugby skills, including aspects such as catch and pass, tackling and ruck technique. 

12 to 16 year olds: Catering for the competitive age groups, the clinic offers technical tutition and guidance, leadership and rugby values. 

Our coaching staff  have over 20 years combined coaching experience with kids and will provide correct technnique whilst providing a fun environment.

Rugby Camps:

Our team offer a two day camp, which caters for the age groups of 13 to 17 year olds, the competitive years of rugby. It follows a similar format of our clinics with more time available to isolate and develop specific skills and techniques as  well as positional development.  


Rugby Team building:

Are you looking for assistance with your rugby team, contact us and we can assist with all aspects of rugby development to build your team.

Our coaches offer personal player development, positional development and assist in progressing your players individual and team skills.


Our coaches have vast experience in coaching junior and senior rugby. Talk to us about how we can help your team.